Statement from SB 2 Gun Safety Bill Author

Thursday, December 21 2023

For Immediate Release: December 21, 2023

Contact: Lerna Shirinian, (818) 409-0400


Statement from SB 2 Gun Safety Bill Author

Sacramento, CA - Senator Anthony J. Portantino (D – Burbank) released the following statement on SB 2:

"As the author of SB 2, I am disheartened that the judge did not let the complete bill go into effect on January 1. Though some provisions have been temporarily stopped, many of the bill’s important public safety proposals will go into effect as legislated. For example, some prohibited places for concealed carry permits will continue to be prohibited, the age limit for purchase, much of the permitting process, and the stronger training requirements will all become law on January 1 as outlined in the bill.

I am also very grateful to Attorney General Bonta who quickly announced that he will appeal the judge’s decision. The Governor, Attorney General and I worked collaboratively to draft SB 2 to enhance the public safety of Californians in direct response to and under the guidelines of the Supreme Court Bruen decision. I am optimistic that California will prevail on appeal to uphold the responsible and necessary law I authored.”