2024 Legislation

SB 53 Firearm Storage – In Assembly Committee Process

Will ensure responsible and safe firearm storage practices and save lives by enhancing California’s strong system of gun violence prevention regulations through explicit standards for secure gun storage for all gun owners. 

SB 98 Education finance: additional education funding - In Assembly Committee Process

Will provide supplemental funding to local education agencies, including school districts, charter schools and county offices of education, based on average daily enrollment as opposed to attendance.

SB 301 Vehicular air pollution: Zero-Emission Aftermarket Conversion Project - In Assembly Floor Process

Will provide a rebate to encourage people to convert their gas-powered vehicle into a Zero Emission Vehicle.

SB 357 Vehicles: physician and surgeon reporting - In Assembly Floor Process

Will provide doctors with more discretion to report any conditions they believe will impair a patient’s inability to drive, including epilepsy.

SB 422 California Environmental Quality Act: expedited environmental review: climate change regulations - In Assembly Floor Process

Will expedite the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review process for projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, incorporate pollution control equipment, and meet energy efficiency standards.

SB 427 Health care coverage: antiretroviral drugs, devices, and products - In Assembly Floor Process

Will eliminate cost-sharing and reduce access barriers to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) in health insurance coverage.

SB 445 Special education: individualized education programs: translation services - In Assembly Floor Process

Will permit school districts or county offices of education to accept the completion of a youth apprenticeship program as an alternative to the requirement that a pupil complete a course in visual or performing arts, foreign language, or career technical education 

SB 480 School districts: pilot programs: Korean Meister high school system - In Assembly Committee Process

Will require the Superintendent Public Instruction, with the approval of the state board, to select 3 geologically diverse school districts to implement a pilot program at one high school within the school district based upon the Korean Meister Program and establishes a pilot program that oversees three geographically diverse pilot sites to provide high school students with youth apprenticeship opportunities that will simultaneously help them achieve educational goals and technical skills for successful careers.

SB 551 Beverage containers: recycling - In Assembly Committee Process

Will authorized certain beverage manufacturers to comply with the postconsumer recycled plastic content requirements and the virgin plastic and postconsumer recycled plastic reporting requirements by submitting a consolidated report with aggregated information that covers one or more beverage manufacturers.

SB 607 Opioid Prescription Risk Consultation – In Assembly Committee Process

Will expand requirements for prescribers to discuss risks and dangers of opioids and opioid addiction to all patients.

SB 691 Increased Student Participation on State Board of Education – In Assembly Committee Process

Will increase student voices on the California State Board of Education by increasing the number of student representatives from 1 to 3 members.

SB 834 Vehicles: preferential parking: residential, commercial, or other development project - In Assembly Committee Process

Will prohibit a local government from issuing preferential parking permits to occupants of specified residential developments located within ½ mile of public transit and expressly exclude such developments from the boundaries of any residential parking district in order to further California’s goals of lowering carbon emissions, reduce car dependence, and encourage the use of more climate-friendly modes of transportation.

SB 971 Community College Refugee Students - In Senate Committee Process

Will exempt from the nonresident tuition fee a nonresident, low-income student who is a resident of a region impacted by war or other regional conflict, who registers for lower division courses at a community college, and who has indicated that they have sought residency in California in an effort to find relief from identified conflicts in their nation of origin.

SB 997 Pupil health: naloxone hydrochloride nasal spray and fentanyl test strips - In Senate Committee Process

Will permit students in middle and high schools to carry a federally approved naloxone hydrochloride nasal spray and require public middle schools and high schools that are operated by a local educational agency to stock and distribute fentanyl test strips.

SB 1041 Physician assistants: licensure: Armenian Doctor Pilot Program - In Senate Committee Process

Will establish the Armenian Doctor Pilot Program where up to 15 doctors who graduated from Yerevan State Medical University and have attained their medical degree and medical license in Armenia but have not practiced medicine in California within the 10 years preceding the operative date of the pilot program would be eligible to take referesher courses and operare a Physician Assistant in California. The program will be eligible only for permanent residents and the citizens of the United States.

SB 1100 Political Reform Act of 1974: cities - In Senate Committee Process

SB 1116 Unemployment insurance: trade disputes: eligibility for benefits - In Senate Committee Process

Will allow striking or locked out workers to be eligible to receive UI benefits for the duration of the dispute after the dispute has lasted more than two weeks.

SB 1128 Sex offender registration: unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor - In Senate Committee Process

Will require tier one sex offender registration for 10 years if an offender engages in unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, other than a spouse, and the minor is more than three (3) years younger than the offender or if the offender is over 21 years of age and the minor is under 16 years of age.  If the offender suffered a prior conviction for the same offense, this bill requires lifetime registration.

SB 1147 Drinking water: bottled water: microplastics levels - In Senate Committee Process

Will require the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) to study the health impacts of microplastics in drinking water, including bottled water, in order to evaluate and identify safe and unsafe levels of microplastics in those types of water.

SB 1160 Firearms: annual registration of firearms - In Senate Committee Process

SB 1192 Personal Income Tax Law: Small Business Relief Act: elective tax - In Senate Committee Process

Will extend the sunset date of the state’s Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax (PTET) to January 1, 2028, or until the federal SALT caps are repealed.