2019 Legislation

2019 Legislation for Senator Anthony J. Portantino

SB 7- State Highway Route 710:  surplus residential and nonresidential property

SB 7 restricts the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) from implementing a freeway tunnel, surface freeway, or expressway for State Route (SR) 710 between SR 10 and SR 210, as well as amends existing law related to state-owned properties in the SR 710 corridor.

SB 15-Property tax revenue allocations: Local-State Sustainable Investment Program. (Held in Senate Appropriations Committee)

SB 15 would establish the Local-State Sustainable Investment Program (Program) to fund local affordable housing, housing infrastructure, neighborhood restoration, and specified public safety facilities.  The bill would allocate ERAF revenues to local entities for those projects, and require state General Fund backfills to school entities for the associated loss of property tax revenues.

SB 61-Firearms: transfers

SB 61 prohibits a person from making an application to purchase more than one firearm of any type within any 30-day period. This bill specifically prohibits a person from making an application to purchase more than one long gun in any 30-day period unless the person has a hunting license issued by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and a certificate of eligibility issued by the Department of Justice (DOJ). This bill also prohibits, beginning January 1, 2021, the sale of a semiautomatic centerfire rifle to any person under 21 years of age.

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SB 163-“ Luca’s Law” Healthcare coverage: pervasive developmental disorder or autism

SB 163 establishes “Luca’s Law” and revises existing requirements on health care service plans (health plans) and health insurers to cover behavioral health treatment (BHT) for pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) or autism. Expands the definition of BHT and allows the substitution of specified current education, work experience, and training qualifications to meet the criteria of a qualified autism service (QAS) professional or paraprofessional. Prohibits a health plan and health insurer from denying or reducing medically necessary BHT based on a lack of parent or caregiver participation, or on the setting, location, or time of treatment,

SB 172-Firearm Storage

SB 172 establishes the “Keep Our Seniors Safe Act” to ensure that residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFEs) that allow residents to possess firearms on the premises meet certain requirements regarding the storage of firearms and ammunition, and adopts changes to broaden criminal storage crimes, add criminal storage offenses to those offenses that can trigger a 10-year firearm ban, and create an exemption to firearm loan requirements for the purposes of preventing suicide. 

SB 217-Special education: individuals with exceptional needs: early education programs (Adopted into the Governor’s Budget)

SB 217 creates the Early Intervention Grant Program to increase inclusive access to early education programs for children with exceptional needs and expands eligibility for transitional kindergarten to include children with exceptional needs turning five years old at any time during the school year.

SB 302-International trade and investment office: Republic of Armenia

SB 302 requires the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) to establish and operate, or create a public-private partnership to establish and operate, an international trade and investment office (ITI office) in Yerevan, in the Republic of Armenia by January 1, 2023.

SB 328- School Start Time

SB 328 Prohibits high schools, including those operated as charter schools, from beginning their schoolday before 8:30 a.m.  Prohibits middle schools, including those operated as charter schools, from beginning their schoolday before 8:00 a.m.

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SB 349-Minimum franchise tax

SB 349 reduces the minimum franchise tax, for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2020, and before January 1, 2025, based on the gross receipts of the corporation.

SB 355- Joint powers agencies: Clean Power Alliance of Southern California: meetings: Signed by Governor Newsom

SB 355 allows any joint powers authority (JPA) within the County of Los Angeles (LA County) or the County of Ventura (Ventura County) to designate alternate members of the JPA’s legislative body, who are not members of a member agency’s legislative body, to attend closed sessions of the JPA.

SB 376-Firearms: transfers

SB 376 changes the definition of “infrequent” for purposes of specified firearms transfers.

SB 417-State claims (Held in Senate Appropriations committee)

SB 417 declares the intent of the Legislature to appropriate funds for the payment of claims approved by the board.

SB 418-Claims against the state: appropriation

SB 418  would appropriate the sum of $27,051,363 from the General Fund to the Attorney General to pay a specified postjudgment award, fee award, and settlement claims in cases against the state in accordance with a listed schedule. The bill would require any funds appropriated in excess of the amounts actually required for the payment of these claims to revert to the General Fund within 45 days after final payment is made.

SB 445-Alcohol and drug treatment: youth

SB 445 establishes the Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults Substance Use Disorder, Treatment, Early Intervention, and Prevention Act (the Act) which requires the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to convene an expert panel to advise DHCS on the development of youth substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, early intervention, and prevention quality standards, as specified. Defines youth SUD treatment services to include any publicly funded direct services intended to address or treat SUDs for individuals from birth to 26 years of age.

SB 484-Public postsecondary education: community college transfer students

SB 484 requires the governing board of each community college district to direct colleges to identify and notify students who have completed an associate degree for transfer (ADT), to automatically award these students that degree and add the students to an identification system that is maintained by the California Community Colleges (CCC) Chancellor’s Office and would be accessible electronically by the California State University (CSU), the University of California (UC), independent institutions of higher education for purposes of streamlining transfer.

SB 509-Vehicles: specialized license plates: housing crisis awareness (Held in Senate Appropriations committee)

SB 509 would require the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to sponsor a “California Housing Crisis Awareness” specialized license plate program.

SB 521-taxes: credits: leased or rented property: persons receiving Section 8 assistance

SB 521 provides a credit, under the Personal Income Tax (PIT) Law and the Corporation Tax (CT) Law, equal to 3% of the amount of rent or lease payments in the form of certain federal housing assistance vouchers.

SB 532-Redevelopment: bond proceeds: affordable housing

SB 532 authorizes the City of Glendale to use remaining redevelopment agency (RDA) bond proceeds for affordable housing.

SB 568-Postsecondary education: student housing: College-Focused Rapid Rehousing Program (Language adopted into Governor’s Budget)

SB 568 establishes, contingent upon an appropriation, the College-Focused Rapid Rehousing Program to provide housing options for homeless college and university students and to ensure that policies are in place at California’s public postsecondary education systems to support students experiencing homelessness in transitioning into stable housing and remaining enrolled in college. 

SB 568- Public holidays: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day (AMENDED)

SB 568 authorizes Glendale Community College to close on April 24, known as "Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day," if the governing board, pursuant to a memorandum of understanding reached pursuant to the Government Code, as specified, agrees to close the community college for that purpose.

SB 600-Healthcare coverage: fertility preservation

SB 600 requires an individual or group health care service plan (health plan) contract or health insurance policy, as specified, to include coverage for standard fertility preservation services when a medically necessary treatment may cause iatrogenic infertility to an enrollee or insured. States that the provisions of this bill are declaratory of existing law.

SB 620-Firearms

SB 620 allows a police department or county sheriff’s department to release the name and address of a person on supervised release to specified providers of transitional services, if the supervised person consents.

SB 695-Land use planning: housing element: foster youth placement

SB 695 would authorize a city with an approved housing element to meet five percent of its regional housing needs allocation (RHNA) requirement by adopting a specified program for foster youth placements.  The bill would also allow a city to count certain home-sharing arrangements towards its very low-income RHNA requirement.

SB 695-Special education: individualized education programs: translation services (AMENDED)

SB 695 requires local educational agencies (LEAs) to provide most students’ parents with a translation, upon parental request, of the student’s individualized education program (IEP) and other related documents in the native language of the parent within 30 days of the IEP team meeting, and requires translations to be conducted by a qualified translator.

SB 729-Local control funding formula: school districts and charter schools (Partially adopted into the Governor’s Budget)

SB 729 dedicates additional funding to the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) by increasing the applicable cost-of-living adjustment for the LCFF in 2019-20.

SB 758-Hospitals: seismic safety (Held in Assembly Health)

SB 758 requires hospitals that have a building that is not in compliance with the January 1, 2030 seismic safety standard, to report to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development what services are provided in each building of that hospital.

SR 23-100th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement in Korea

SR 23 commemorates the first day of March 2019 as the 100th anniversary of the Korean March 1st Independence Movement Day.