2022 Legislation

SB 387 Mental Health Training - Held in Committee

  • This bill will require the California Department of Education to ensure that 75 percent of classified and certificated employees on school campuses complete an evidence-based behavioral health training program. 
  • This instruction will guide school staff on how to provide referrals to mental health services, substance use disorder services, or other support to individuals in the early stages of developing a mental illness or substance use disorder.
  • Read the factsheet in the following link: SB 387 Factsheet


SB 673 Pupils with Exceptional Needs: IEPs: emergency safety procedures - Held in Committee

  • This bill will require, when a school's comprehensive safety plan is found insufficient to ensure disabled student's safety in an emergency, that IEP teams identify accomodations students need in order to remain safe during safety drills (ie. fire, earthquake, lockdown) within a student's IEP. 
  • The bill also provides guidance for how local education agencies develop, maintain and use an Inclusive School Emergency Plan.
  • Read the factsheet in the following link: SB 673 Factsheet


SB 748 Private University Tresspassing - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • This bill expands the type of educational institutions covered by Penal Code 626 to include California’s private nonprofit colleges and universities. Current statute only includes public colleges and universities, and public and private K-12 schools.
  • The inclusion of private nonprofit colleges and universities in Penal Code 626 will create clear standards for the enforcement of trespassing of pri-vate, non-profit universities. This bill recognizes that the nonprofit sector of higher education has similar responsibilities and is confronting similar public safety challenges as their public counter-parts. It will help create safer college campuses by ensuring there is the ability to adequately enforce trespassing at these colleges and universities.
  • Read the factsheet in the following link: SB 748 Factsheet


SB 829 Entertainment firearms permits - Held in Committee

  • This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that would further regulate firearms in the entertainment industry.


SB 830 Education finance: supplemental education funding - Held in Committee

  • SB 830 provides supplemental funding to local education agencies, including school districts, charter schools and county offices of education, based on average daily enrollment as opposed to attendance
  • California has been using the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) method for calculating school funding for more than five decades
  • Most states use the Average Daily Membership (ADM), which is based on enrollment
  • Enrollment-based funding will ensure that California schools are funded equitably and have greater financial stability/predictability.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 830 Factsheet


SB 851 Cal Grant Program: independent institutions of higher education - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • Strengthens and expands the state’s support of low-income college students who choose to attend an ICCU by
    • 1) restructuring the existing framework for ADT admit targets and Cal Grant award amounts to provide a pathway to future award growth for students
    • 2) expanding eligibility for supplemental Cal Grant support to student parents and foster youth who attend an ICCU and the California Community College Entitlement Program to allow newly eligible transfer students to use their remaining Cal Grant eligibility at an ICCU.
  • Under existing law, low-income California students are unnecessarily excluded from several parts of the Cal Grant program if they choose to attend an independent, nonprofit California college or university (ICCU).
  • Existing law also provides no mechanism nor guidance for the Cal Grant award for students attending ICCUs to increase, leading to a significant loss in purchasing power for low-income students.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 851 Factsheet


SB 870 Developmental Services: Regional Centers - Vetoed

  • SB 870 will change the definition of developmental disability from one that originates before an individual attains 18 years to 22 years of age
  • Allows individuals with developmental disabilities between the ages of 18-21 to access services and programs offered at regional centers to alleviate some of their suffering, increase their potential levels of self-sufficiency, and save the state money in the long run.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 870 Factsheet


SB 906 School safety: mass casualty threats: firearm disclosure - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • This bill requires the State Department of Education, in consultation with the Department of Justice, to develop model content for use by local educational agencies related to a threat or perceived threat of an incident of mass casualties at a school.
  • This bill requires local educational agencies to include information related to the safe storage of firearms in the annual notification provided to parents or guardians.
  • This bill would require, with support from the school or local educational agency, law enforcement to immediately conduct an investigation and threat assessment.
  • This bill would require the investigation and threat assessment to include a review of the firearm registry of the Department of Justice and appropriate searches conducted by the local law enforcement agency or the schoolsite police.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 906 Factsheet


SB 918 Firearms - Held in Committee

  • Penal Code § 30370, as amended by SB 1235 (2016), cross references an out-of-date code section. Penal Code § 30470, as amended by AB 879 (2019) and SB 118 (2020), cross references an out-of-date code section. Penal Code § 30370, as amended by AB 879 (2019) and SB 118 (2020), cross ref-erences an out-of-date code section.
  • SB 918 cleans up outdated provisions and the erroneously omitted cross reference updates relating to the DROS fee, the supplemental fee, and the authority of DOJ in the regulation of the sale of firearm precursor parts and au-thorization to issue a firearm precursor part vendor license.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 918 Factsheet


SB 932 General plans: circulation element: bicycle and pedestrian plans and traffic calming plans - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • SB 932 would require a county or city to include in its General Plan a map of the high injury network within its boundaries and to identify and prioritize safety improvements that may be implemented within 15 years to address serious and injurious traffic collisions.
  • SB 932 also would state the intent of the Legislature to create an annual grant program to award funding to any county or city upon its implementation of timely and effective short-term efforts to mitigate bicycle, pedestrian, and other human-powered transportation injuries and fatalities.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 932 Factsheet


SB 941 Local educational agency instruction collaboration agreements: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics: dual language immersion programs - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • SB 941 would authorize the governing board of a school district, a county board​ of education, or the governing body of a charter school to enter into an agreement with​ one or more local educational agencies to offer individual classes to pupils from other​ local educational agencies who have been impacted by disruptions, cancellations, or​ teacher shortages in STEM classes or dual​-language immersion programs.
  • SB 941 would require a local educational​ agency to accept pupils through a random, unbiased selection process that is not dependent on academic or athletic performance, physical condition, or English language proficiency.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 941 Factsheet


SB 959 Surplus residential property: State Route 710 - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • Existing law establishes priorities and procedures that any state agency disposing of surplus residential property is required to follow, including specified procedures for the sale of specified property in the State Route 710 corridor.
  • Declare the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation relating to the sale of surplus residential properties in the State Route 710 corridor.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 959 Factsheet


SB 974 Health care coverage: diagnostic imaging - Vetoed

  • This bill allows a health insurance policy issued, amended, or renewed on or after January 1, 2023 to provide coverage without imposing cost sharing for medically necessary diagnostic breast imaging, including diagnostic breast imaging following an abnormal mammography result.
  • The lack of health care coverage for diagnostic breast imaging following an abnormal mammography result is causing delays or the absence of life-saving treatments and significantly impacting health outcomes for women.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 974 Factsheet


SB 987 Medi-Cal: time and distance standards - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • Existing law establishes certain time and distance and appointment time standards for specified Medi-Cal managed care covered services to ensure that those services are available and accessible to enrollees of Medi-Cal managed care plans in a timely manner. Existing law repeals these provisions on January 1, 2023.
  • This bill would extend the repeal date for those provisions until January 1, 2028.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 987 Factsheet


SB 1002 Workers’ compensation: licensed clinical social workers - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • The bill would authorize medical provider networks to add LCSWs to the physician providers listing, authorize an LCSW to treat or evaluate an injured worker only upon referral from a physician, as defined, and prohibit an LCSW from determining disability, as specified.
  • This bill would make legislative findings and declarations in support of allowing licensed clinical social workers to treat work-related mental and behavioral health issues within the workers compensation system.
  • Provides additional and readily available resources within their licensure to injured workers in need of immediate mental health consultation and services.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 1002 Factsheet


SB 1016 Special education: eligibility: fetal alcohol spectrum disorder - Signed by Governor

  • This bill requires that FASD be included under the “other health impairment” definition of the California Department of Education and thus expand eligibility for pupils to receive special education and related services.
  • Allows students with the most prevalent developmental disability in the United States who are currently being underserved in school districts across the state to receive special education and related services.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 1016 Factsheet


SB 1067 Parking minimums - Held in Committee

  • SB 1067 would prohibit a city with a population greater than 200,000 from imposing any minimum automobile parking requirement on a housing development project within 1⁄2 mile of public transit, and that either
    • (1) dedicates 75% of the total units to low and very low income households, the elderly, or persons with disabilities or
    • (2) the developer demonstrates to the local agency that the development would not have a negative impact on the local agency’s ability to meet specified housing needs and would not have a negative impact on traffic circulation or existing residential or commercial parking within 1⁄2 mile of the project
  • At a time when California is in desperate need of affordable housing, incorporating affordability mandates with a preemption might be a tool to meet low-income housing goals, increase inventory, and reduce a reliance on cars.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 1067 Factsheet


SB 1079 Vehicles: sound-activated enforcement devices - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • This bill permits local city governances to use decibel-measuring tools and noise activated cameras in an effort to enforce sound limitations.
  • There is currently no enforcement mechanism for laws requiring motor vehicles to be equipped with an adequate muffler.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 1079 Factsheet


SB 1116 Arts Council - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • The Dixon-Zenovich-Maddy California Arts Act of 1975 establishes the Arts Council, consisting of 11 appointed members. The act specifies the duties of the council, including providing for the exhibition of art works in public buildings throughout California.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 1116 Factsheet


SB 1136 California Environmental Quality Act: expedited environmental review: climate change regulations - Vetoed by Governor

  • CEQA requires specified state agencies to perform, at the time of adoption of a rule or regulation requiring the installation of pollution control equipment or a performance standard or treatment requirement, an environmental analysis of the reasonably foreseeable methods of compliance.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 1136 Factsheet


SB 1177 Joint powers authorities: Cities of Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • This legislation will create of a regional housing trust fund that would be administered by a joint powers authority (JPA) comprised of the cities of Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena.
  • The JPA would be allowed to request and receive private and state funding allocations, as well as authorize and issue bonds, to help finance affordable housing projects for persons and families of extremely low-, very low-, low-, and moderate-income households. 
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 1177 Factsheet


SB 1207 Health care coverage: mental health services - Signed by Governor Newsom

  • SB 1207 would make findings and declarations relating to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health in California and on the importance of outreach, education, and access to quality mental health treatment.
  • The bill would extend the deadline for establishment of the maternal mental health program to July 1, 2023.
  • The bill also would encourage health care service plans and health insurers to improve screening, treatment, and referral to maternal mental health services, include coverage for doulas, incentivize training opportunities for contracting obstetric providers, and educate enrollees and insureds about the program. 
  • The bill would define “health care service plan” to include Medi-Cal managed health care plans, as specified, and would require those plans to continue to comply with any quality measures required or adopted by the State Department of Health Care Services, notwithstanding the requirements of the bill. 
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 1207 Factsheet


SB 1255 Single-use products waste reduction: Dishwasher Grant Program for Waste Reduction in K–12 Schools and Community Colleges - Vetoed

  • This bill establishes the Dishwasher Grant Program for Waste Reduction​ in K–12 Schools and Community Colleges to be administered by the Department of​ Resources Recycling and Recovery to provide grants to school districts, charter schools,​ and community college districts for the purchase and installation of commercial​ dishwashers.
  • Requires the​ department to award grants of up to $40,000 per kitchen of a school or campus.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 1255 Factsheet


SB 1302 Pupil health: pupil wellness centers: grant program - Vetoed

  • This bill appropriates $1,000,000,000 from an unspecified fund to the Superintendent of Public Instruction to provide annual grants of up to $250,000 each to certain local educational agencies serving high school pupils to establish or improve pupil wellness centers to provide comprehensive medical and behavioral health services.
  • Requires grant funds to be used for activities that will help pupils to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit in order to learn successfully, and would authorize grant funds to be used for personnel to support pupil health.
  • Read the fact sheet in the following link: SB 1302 Factsheet