2018 Legislation

2018 Legislation for Senator Anthony J. Portantino

SB 25- Elections: Ballot Order: Signed by Governor Brown

This bill is an effort to boost turnout in local elections. Offices and Propositions will follow a simple ballot order from the most local offices to the President and national elections. Current law known as the California Voter Participation Rights Act prohibits local cities from having standalone elections, forcing city and school district elections to be consolidated with statewide and national election dates.

SB 275- Young Adult Treatment Recovery Act: Vetoed

This bill would enact the Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Recovery Program Act, with similar provisions to, in part, require the program to provide prevention, early intervention, and treatment services for children, adolescents, and young adults.

SB 328- School Start Time: Vetoed

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This bill would require the school day for middle schools and high schools begin no earlier than 8:30 a.m. Studies show that pushing back the school day sees an increase in attendance rates, grade point averages, and test scores as students get their full recommend amount of sleep and earlier start times may create problems for parents who drop their kids off before heading to work in the morning.

SB 354- IEP Translations: Vetoed 

This bill would require a local education agency (LEA) upon request by a parent to translate the completed Individualized Education Plan (IEP) as well as any revisions to the IEP in the native language of the parent(s) within 30 days of being requested.

SB 399- Autism: Vetoed 

This bill will eliminate the existing statutory obstacles and require health insurance coverage for all forms of behavioral health treatment for Californians with Autism Spectrum Disorder without diminishing consumer protections. 

SB 419- Legislative Harassment Retaliation Act: Signed by Governor Brown 

This bill will cover all related forms of harassment and explicitly apply the anti-retaliation protections of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) to legislative employees and lobbyists.

SB 502- Public Rail Systems: AED: Signed by Governor Brown 

This requires a public entity that operates a rail transit system or a commuter train system to ensure that each train has an automated external defibrillator (AED) as part of its safety equipment.

SB 746- LEGR Gun Fix: Signed by Governor Brown 

This bill will add the authorization of a person who has an outstanding warrant for a felony or misdemeanor to transfer their firearms or ammunition to a licensed firearms dealer for the duration of the prohibition. Under current law it is unclear if the surrender procedures for firearms and ammunition apply to all temporary prohibitions.

SB 972- ID’s: Suicide Prevention Hotline: Signed by Governor Brown 

This bill would require schools in grades 7-12 and higher education to issue on pupil identification cards a suicide prevention hotline telephone number commencing July 1, 2019.

SB 1100- 21 Years of Age: Signed by Governor Brown 

This bill would prohibit the sale or transfer of any firearm by a licensed dealer, except as specially exempted, to any person below the age of 21 years. This bill will also extend one gun a month to long guns as well as handguns.

Press Release: Senator Portantino is committed to Preventing Gun Violence with SB 1100

California bill would raise age for long-gun purchases to 21

Lawmaker would raise minimum age for buying rifles to 21 in California

California hasn’t raised age limit for buying rifles. That may change

SB 1126- Arroyo Seco Tributary: Signed by Governor Brown 

This bill would include the Arroyo Seco and the Flint Wash as part of the Upper Los Angeles River and Tributaries Working Group revitalization plan.

SB 1133- Los Angeles Basin Water Plan: Signed by Governor Brown 

The bill would authorize the Los Angeles Regional Water Board, to accept certain funds from the Los Angeles County Flood Control District and spend them to prepare a major revision to the Basin Plan for the Los Angeles region.

SB 1177- One Gun A Month: Vetoed 

This bill would create a partially self-funded account that would allow classified school employees to contribute a small portion of their paycheck, which will be matched 2:1 by the state.

SB 1195- PERS PORAC: Signed by Governor Brown

This bill will add PORAC’s Health Benefits Trust to the code section allowing them to of-fer regional rates to their members, should they choose to do so in the future. This change only affects PORAC’s Trust and PORAC’s own members, and only if they choose to offer regional rates in the future.

SB 1263- Ocean Protection Council: Signed by Governor Brown 

This bill would provide automatic additional replacement cost coverage for the insured to rebuild the dwelling destroyed after a declared disaster. 

SB 1422- Plastic in Drinking Water: Signed by Governor Brown 

This bill would require water districts in California to include levels of micro plastics in their annual reports of contaminants in drinking water.

SB 1436- DNA Paternity Testing: Signed by Governor Brown 

This bill would express the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation relating to homeless encampments in California.

SB 1243- PTECH: Signed by Governor Brown

This bill would establish the California State Pathways in Technology (CA P-TECH) Program as a public-private partnership for purposes of preparing California students for high-skill jobs of the future.

Summer Bridge Program: Signed by Governor Brown