2018 SD 25 Non-Profit of the Year

Family Service Agency of Burbank


Family Service Agency of Burbank is a 501(C)3 non-profit social service agency dedicated to providing quality mental health care for all and eliminating domestic violence, suicide, and all other forms of interpersonal violence, as well as preventing homelessness and serving our respected veterans and their families.

We provide critical life-changing, and often life-saving, counseling and preventive services in our Burbank agency, on 18 Burbank school campuses, and in 3 residential treatment facilities.  We treat youth, teens, adults, couples and families, in individual, group, and school-based environments.  We are committed to providing your and your family’s care in safe and welcoming surroundings, and with complete privacy and confidentiality.

We provide crisis intervention, clinical counseling, transitional housing, and violence prevention services and education. Individually we listen, counsel, educate, advocate, and facilitate your desired personal transformation. In groups, we teach youth and adults about healthy relationships, instructing on conflict resolution, domestic violence, and peaceful parenting.  We know that there is no health without mental health and that violence is learned and therefore preventable.

Family Service Agency of Burbank works to improve the quality of life for all people in a complicated society that stigmatizes those seeking psychological care and has minimized the impact of domestic violence on women, men, children, and our communities. We believe that everyone should be free from judgment and shame to seek the care they need. We believe that all should live free of domestic violence and all forms of interpersonal abuse. By improving one life, one family, we hope to improve our community and our world.