Pasadena Now: Senator Portantino Introduces Legislation Giving County Assessor and Caltrans the Tools Necessary to Help Keep 710 Properties Affordable

Thursday, February 9 2017

Wednesday, Senator Anthony J. Portantino introduced SB 275 that gives the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office the ability to assess single-family homes within the 710 corridor appropriately.

“This legislation will allow many of the residents who live in the SR 710 corridor to purchase property with an assessed valuation that would not price them out of that purchase,” stated Portantino. “As the 710 surface freeway and tunnel’s days are numbered it is imperative that we enact practical legislation to help facilitate the proper disposition of the Caltrans homes and properties. I am very grateful to the Los Angeles County Assessor’s office for working collaboratively on this important fix for the residents in my district,” concluded Portantino.

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