Asbarez: Portantino Calls on Caruso to Allow Ads for Genocide Documentary

Thursday, August 10 2017

GLENDALE—State Senator Anthony J. Portantino has submitted a letter to Caruso Affiliated Holdings urging the company to reconsider its decision and allow public advertising for the Armenian Genocide and human rights documentary, “Architects of Denial.” Reports have pegged politics as the explanation for the Caruso Affiliated decision not to feature the film in an outdoor billboard advertisement.

“I thought to myself that Hollywood has long-celebrated thought provoking and hard-edged filmmaking that stimulates conversations about historical events. It seems like labeling Art as ‘too political’ was an odd reason to deny the appropriate free expression of a historical documentary. As a former filmmaker and current State Senator it was important for me to share my concerns and urge reconsideration,” commented Portantino.

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