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Monday, August 3 2020

Dear Friends,

Given our unprecedented times I wanted to share a little bit of normal goings on in our 25th State Senate District.  It is important for all of us to remember that we are a resilient group and collectively we can get through this.  And, I thought our district could use a healthy dose of regular!

Love, Peace and Safety,


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25th Senate District Recognitions

Every year I am honored to recognize laudable people and institutions that have distinguished themselves and missions in our District of 1 million people.

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Woman of the Year - Dr. Roberta Reynolds


This year, I was honored to recognize Dr. Roberta Reynolds from the Burbank Unified School District.  Dr. Reynolds has been a strong advocate for our children’s education.  She has been a champion for civil rights through her leadership in stablishing a PFLAG Chapter in the BUSD.  She is a dedicated public servant that makes our district proud.





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Small Business of the Year - Altadena Farmers Market

In a district with many outstanding small businesses and local entrepreneurs, Stacey Whitney, owner of the Altadena Farmers Market has gone above and beyond through the Altadena Farmers Market.  The market is well known for its fresh home grown produce, community friendly environment and its sustainability efforts including a zero-waste initiative.  Thank you, Stacey, for your unconquering spirit.

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Non-Profit of the Year - First District PTA

I have been a proud PTA member for over 20 years and I am particularly excited to be recognizing the First District PTA and their President, Diane Velasco Hyland.  First District serves and advocates for students in 270-plus school PTAs and 21 local councils, which collectively represent a membership of greater than 85,000 parents, teachers, students, and community leaders. It stands above politics and focuses exclusively on the welfare of our children.   Together, First District and my office have partnered to expand advocacy for children’s health, welfare and education.  We have partnered on town halls to share the health benefits of late start and mental health first aide in our districts.  We also partnered on an excellent family health discussion during the time of Covid.  You can listen to our family mental health town hall at this link.

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Gold Line Expansion

From my earliest days as an elected official, I have been a strong supporter of the Gold Line.  I was extremely excited to tour the recent construction of the 1.5-billion-dollar next phase to Pomona.

I joined Board Chair Sandoval from Pomona and Board Member Carder from La Verne for this important project that commenced two weeks early and signifies the resiliency of the San Gabriel Valley.  Leaders in our district are continuing efforts to expand light rail and the economic stimulus and environmental protection that goes with it.  If we build it, you will come!

I hope you join me in congratulating these laudable people and groups.  It is particularly important that we take time to share our sense of camaraderie and neighborliness for each other.  Please be safe, social distance and wear your mask for your health and for your neighbors.

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