Community College Transfer Students Efficiently Receive Diplomas Under Senator Portantino Bill

Monday, February 25 2019

Sacramento, California– Senator Anthony J. Portantino (D–La Cañada Flintridge) has introduced a bill that would more efficiently doll out degrees to students who have completed coursework and earned an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) at the time of transfer.  Under the current system, many students who transfer from California Community Colleges to an UC or CSU do so without their Associate Degrees for Transfer even after earning them.  Senator Portantino seeks to end this inefficient and penalizing system.

“When a student completes required coursework, they should receive their diplomas automatically without unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.  This bill will simplify the process for our students and administrators and reward completed coursework,” said Senator Portantino

Despite past efforts to simplify the transfer process by the legislature many students transfer from a California Community College to a Cal State or UC but fail to receive their ADT diplomas.  Research has shown that many community college students do not fully comprehend the ADT or even know they have earned one. Some transfer without the degree, subsequently fail to complete their Bachelorette Degree and end up with nothing to show for their efforts. 

SB 484 seeks to simplify the transfer process and to help schools issue degrees to deserving students.  The more students are armed with degrees the more long-term benefit for that student and the greater community.