Senator Portantino Introduces Fertility Preservation Bill

Friday, February 22 2019

Sacramento, California–Senator Anthony J. Portantino (D–La Cañada Flintridge) has introduced legislation, SB 600, which will insure health insurance coverage for cancer patients and others fighting diseases through aggressive treatments the options to protect their fertility. Senator Portantino has been endeavoring to solve this public health issue for over a decade by helping patients have fertility options. This has been a passion of his as a father of two daughters. 

“Every day, I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be a parent but unfortunately for many due to the vague and imprecise health code language, people are faced with the heartbreaking decision of curing their cancer and losing their fertility.  This bill will make it abundantly clear that patients will have the opportunity to preserve fertility options prior to chemo and other aggressive treatments,” said Senator Portantino

Insurance policies and health plans cover a wide variety of cancer treatments and follow-up procedures due to consequences and effects of treatment these include reconstructive surgery and fertility preservation. There is confusion in the definition of fertility preservation and that leaves many patients without coverage because the law is not clear.  The lack of clarity in insurance coverage regulation for these services causes several patients to forego fertility preservation treatment. As a result, many have to sacrifice their chance of future parenthood. This bill will make clear that these services are covered benefits so that patients can obtain fertility preservation immediately and focus on their treatment.  

SB 600 is sponsored by American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Alliance for Fertility Preservation and Fertile Action.

“The Alliance for Fertility Preservation is grateful for Senator Portantino’s steadfast commitment to ensuring cancer patients have access to the reproductive services they need and deserve in order to protect their future parenthood. We know that this bill will spare the newly diagnosed cancer patients we serve from having to fight to protect their fertility and allows them instead to focus on fighting their cancer.” said Joyce Reinecke, Executive Director at the Alliance for Fertility Preservation.