Pasadena Now: Gun Control Bills Authored by Portantino Pass Senate and Assembly

Tuesday, September 4 2018

Senate bills 1100 and 1177, both gun control bills authored by Pasadena-area Senator Anthony J. Portantino, have passed both the State Senate and State Assembly and are headed to the Governor’s desk for signature into law.
SB 1100 raises the age for anyone to be allowed to purchase firearms to 21 years. SB 1177 prohibits the purchase of more than one long gun a month. Both bills make California law consistent for handguns and long guns.

“I am so glad to have the support of my colleagues to make California a safer place to live and raise a family,” Portantino said in a press statement. “As a dad and a legislator, I am determined to help California respond appropriately to the tragic events our country has recently faced. I feel it is imperative that California leads when Washington refuses to act. These bills create simple fixes to existing California law to help the safety of every citizen.”

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