Senator Portantino is pleased with Education Budget Actions Included in the State Senate’s Budget

Wednesday, May 23 2018

Sacramento, California- Senator Anthony J. Portantino (D-La Canada Flintridge) is proud of the State Senate’s augmentations and changes to the Governor’s May revised budget plan for education. The State Senate’s 2018-2019 proposed budget includes the funding plan recommended by the Senate’s Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance chaired by Portantino.  The Senate has proposed spending of $78 billion from Proposition 98 on K-14 and additional General Fund dollars to increase the State’s investment in higher education.   

“Over the past several months, we have worked hard to ensure that public education receives more financial resources this budget year.  Public education is the most important issue for the 25th Senate District and I am excited to be in a position to ensure the Senate properly addresses many of the budget issues that concern my district and that have carried over from the recession. I believe the Senate’s budget strongly reflects our priority to better fund public education. Although there is a lot of work ahead, the Senate has proposed a sound budget which includes the highest level of school funding in California history,” commented Portantino.

The Senate Budget includes the following line items above the Governor’s May Revised Budget:

$1.1 billion increase to the base funding level for the Local Control Funding Formula

$1 billion in one-time discretionary funding for K-12 districts

$150 million block grant targeted specifically for low performing students

Hold harmless funding provisions for schools affected by fires and natural disasters

$75 million Federal Funds Block Grant funding for performing arts, mental health services, and early education services

$50 million for campus safety prioritization

A cost-of-living adjustment, COLA, for community college part time faculty and student initiative

$20 million for the P-Tech 9-14 Career Pathway Program. Senator Portantino has been working on this initiative for schools to partner with business leaders for a Tech education pipeline for California students.

$20 million for mental health services for community colleges

$118.5 million increase funding for the University of California

$90 million to restore Proposition 56 funding for the University of California

$50 million in dedicated to the California State University base funding to increase tenured faculty

$225 million increase to the Cal State University

Cal Grants for all Foster Youth

“For me, education takes priority above all other issues and I am glad that the Senate is taking the leadership to increase funding, including an increase to LCFF.  I am very grateful to be in the position to increase funding public school students in California.” concluded Portantino.

Since the creation of the Local Control Funding Formula, many districts have expressed concerns that the base funding level was set too low.  The Senate’s Budget proposal is the first practical attempt to increase the LCFF base.  The Senate Budget also increases funding for Community Colleges, the UC and the CSU and adds significant funding for enrollment growth at the UC and the CSU.