Pasadena Now: Caltrans Finally Selling SR-710 Corridor Homes

Monday, December 19 2016

After over a decade of work by many local leaders on the dispensation of Caltrans owned properties along the SR-710 corridor, California State Senator Anthony Portantino announced Monday  that Caltrans has begun the process of selling the homes this week.

“Like many, I am relieved to see this day finally here. The State was never equipped to be in the single family property business and these homes need to be in private hands and benefitting the local communities I am optimistic that the 1950′s decisions that put us in this situation are a thing of the past as our region has different needs and priorities. I am very glad that our audit helped bring public scrutiny to the 710 corridor that helped make this day happen,” commented State Senator Anthony Portantino.

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