2019 SD 25 Non-Profit of the Year

Senator Anthony J. Portantino honored Arlington Garden as the 25th State Senate District 2019 Non-Profit of the Year Wednesday, June 5th 2019.  Leigh Talmo, Arlington Garden’s head gardener, flew to Sacramento to receive the award on behalf of Arlington Garden. Earlier this year, Senator Portantino held a 710 EIR press conference at the garden where the end of the 710 tunnel was formally announced.  Arlington Garden hopes to purchase land from Caltrans as state-owned properties are sold.


“I am very excited to honor Arlington Garden in Sacramento today and to have this outstanding non-profit represent our district. Arlington Garden was created through local volunteers and has blossomed into a local destination for students and casual visitors to find a peaceful outdoor experience in the heart of Pasadena. I am glad to have hosted Leigh Talmo on behalf of the garden to accept this award,” commented Senator Portantino.


Arlington Garden was founded by Betty and Charles McKenney and is a three-acre botanical experience on Caltrans-owned land in Pasadena. This beautiful garden welcomes all including pets and serves as a refuge for Pasadena’s native fauna, birds, bees and butterflies, which are abundant and can be seen throughout the year.

Arlington Garden is a successful collaboration between the City of Pasadena, the Pasadena Department of Public Works and Pasadena Water & Power.  In addition, Pasadena Beautiful and the Mediterranean Garden Society also add further support for the organization. The garden generates continued support from local businesses, nurseries, neighbors and friends.   

“I am grateful to Senator Anthony Portantino for nominating the Arlington Garden as the non-profit of the year. The garden demonstrates how beautiful a well-planned, water-conserving and climate-appropriate garden can be and it is great to be recognized today.  The entire Pasadena community has embraced our local effort and it is exciting to see our mission blossoming in recognition. The McKenney’s had a terrific vision but I don’t think they ever anticipated such a recognition. It’s wonderful,” added Leigh Talmo, Arlington Garden Head Gardener.