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Monday, June 4 2018

Sacramento, California– SB 1266 passed the California State Senate. The author, Senator Anthony J. Portantino, D–La Cañada Flintridge, proposed SB 1266 to protect communities from residential burglaries by requiring ankle monitoring as a condition of payroll.

Friday, June 1 2018

Senate Bill 1100, authored by State Senator Anthony J. Portantino, D-La Cañada Flintridge, would raise the required age to purchase a shotgun or a rifle, collectively known as long guns, from 18 to 21 throughout California

“I am proud that this important piece of legislation has passed the California State Senate,” Portantino said. “This bill sends a clear message to those in Washington who continue to ignore the cries for change to our gun laws. Here in California we create change and respond to gun violence with sensible control.”

Friday, June 1 2018

The California state Senate has passed SB 1100, authored by Pasadena-area state Sen. Anthony J. Portantino, which would prohibit anyone from purchasing more than one firearm within a 30-day period in the state.

The bill also increases the age requirement for purchasing all firearms to 21 years.

Friday, June 1 2018

In a year when mass school shootings in Florida and Texas grabbed headlines and prompted student protests, a raft of proposed new gun regulations found little resistance from lawmakers in California, already home to some of the nation’s most extensive gun laws.

Thursday, May 31 2018

Sacramento, California – The California State Senate voted to pass SB 1422 and SB 1263. Both measures are authored by Senator Anthony J. Portantino, D–La Cañada Flintridge.  They will help increase the knowledge of the risks of micro plastic materials and microfibers on the marine environment and drinking water.  These issues impose a potential threat to the public’s health as the levels of micro plastics in drinking water are not currently monitored.