Senator Liu's Education Priorities for the 21st Century

As Chair of the Senate Education Committee, my vision for education is to build a cradle to career framework.  In an ideal world we would fully fund education and provide additional resources for the neediest students; create strong early childhood education programs, coordinate wrap around support services with effective interventions for students at risk; deliver an engaging common core curriculum; provide a seamless K-12 transition and college/career pathways; and align education and training with workforce demands.

Over the last five years California has faced some of the toughest challenges in education during one of the most difficult times in the history of our state while expectations have continued to rise and resources have diminished. 

As we recover from the great recession, we are now building the future of education in our state.  We are finally beginning to move out from under the constraints of No Child Left Behind and into the next chapter of education reform.  The fulcrum for that change is the shift to Common Core State Standards and our new Local Control Funding Formula.

My approach to policy-making is to articulate a vision for education in the 21st Century based on input from research, practitioners, and stakeholders, and to work toward achieving that vision.  Even when we can’t go as fast as we like because resources are scarce, we can still lay a foundation and make steady progress using the resources we have effectively in the midst of sweeping changes in education policy and practice.

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